Smile in Face of a Frown

Ya know, people always say smile at yourself in the mirror because it will lift the spirits and brighten the day, and actually, it totally works.

If you’re feeling lonely and you don’t have someone around who can constantly make you smile, then you have to be your own happy-go-lucky super trooper. Find a mirror or a selfiestick, look yourself in whichever of your eyes you prefer, and flash those pearly whites at your reflection with genuine adoration. If the endorphins don’t kick in right away, you can bet the embarrassing nerves will flutter their way to your senses, convincing your rational side that you’ve officially gone cray cray, so just go with it. Let yourself laugh at the fact that you just forcibly smiled at yourself, then let the positive affirmations flow throughout your day like a sparkly waterfall of good energy rushing out of every pore on your body.


It’s the same thing as eating a small breakfast to get the metabolism cranking away at those calories. When you start the day off with a solid grin in the mirror, your destined to follow that positive path, laughing at the little things, and smiling in the face of a frown.



PS… to help with the smiling:

Eye on Your Heart

It is easy to get caught up in the motions, to be living in a cloud above your head, a world all your own and separate from extra noise. A place where, when you communicate with friends or family, you come off as if you are far from the present. The sound of your voice may flutter with pitch. A bit too high or perhaps a tad too low. You are somewhere else, sifting through thoughts of another time.

When I catch myself drifting away from the moment, or even totally lost from the moment before it arrives, I remind myself to speak and to think with my heart. What I do is I consider the fundamental essence of what grounds me to all the nature that exists on this wonderful planet. It is my body. I listen to the pumping of my heart, feel the warmth of my insides, and take notice of how gravity weighs heavy against my spine. I turn inward and I focus my explorative thought bubbles on imagination. I think about how my body works in a magical systematic harmony and how sacred good health really is.  Each time I reflect, I feel a fresh connectivity to my person and to the present moment of my current reality.

nature body love                      brain

If you ever feel like you are going to burn out or your nerves have gotten the better of you, or both, take a deep breathe and remind yourself that this world is worth paying attention to. Acknowledge your thoughts, then let the anxious bursts flutter away. Keep your mind open to wonderful things and keep your your eye on your heart.



The Mind of the Universe

Did you know there are people on our planet who are in the process of figuring out how to harness the immense energy in space that engulfs the universe we know? Yeah, me either, until I read this: Vacuum Energy: Proof of Free Energy in the Space All Around Us


Basically, what these awesome humans are investigating is to create technology that can capture this unseen force that controls all matter. If we do, in fact, find the intellect to understand this unimaginable construct of quantum physics, our species would be able to do the unthinkable. We would have the ability to manipulate the essence of time, shooting through distances in dark space, through star dust and other solar systems. We could visit other planets and be known as Extraterrestrials. Humans would not only be able to travel the universe far and wide, but our species may also find comfort in knowing our planet has sustainable energy, allowing nature to prosper. All this could be possible with Vacuum Energy.


Obviously, this whole let’s dig into earth’s core and spit black gunk out into the atmosphere, choking all living things in a fog of destruction is an idea that has run it’s course- well, at least in the mind’s of humans with compassion. Additionally, we’ve come up with green friendly alternatives such as solar energy, wind turbines, and the force from ocean tides, which are all very helpful in making progress toward sustainability on earth.  However, each of these aspects is like one molecule working within a human body. Our universe is a complex organism with a mind of it’s own. If our species can tap into the central nervous system of the universe’s body by using this notion called Vacuum Energy, humans would be able to experience imagination in the mind of the universe.

Eye Universe

Peace, Love, and Enlightened Minds,



Have you ever wondered about veins?

The shape of the vein seems to constantly appear in nature like a reminder that all living things are connected.

From the enormity of the glowing galactic vein that burst into existence after the Big Bang, all the way down to the little blue vein that pops out under the skin on the top of your foot. Veins are all around; they’re in the leaves of the trees, thicker branches shaped like veiny fingers clawing toward the sun. They’re reflected in the shape of a stream as rapids rush like the blood in our bodies into an open sea. Veins are in our fruits and in our vegetables. They’re in every animal and every insect. What is it about this creative shape that unifies all things?

To me, a vein is a symbol of natures desire to grow. It’s a strength derived from passion. A powerful force pushing outward to create more of what we know life is. The instinctual behavior of veins to stretch outward, to web off in different directions, to create and define and spread light and fight darkness is mystifying.


Veins are the threads of our existence and I am just a piece of the puzzle.


Nature’s Way

Oil and tar have made a mess of us all.
Were covered head to toe.
I look up at the sky and I wonder why,
We’ve suffocated the glow.

Like plants people grow, but now I don’t know-
If the world will create new life.
Both land and sea are no longer green,
As if earth is struck with strife.

Beyond our world, like planets toss and turn.
In a dream of infinite space.
They circle around, sometimes up sometimes down,
In pursuit of starlight grace.

Though our planet is down, we can turn it around.
We simply need to change.
Money on the mind must shift to the heart.
In support of nature’s way.



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