Finding Beauty Within

Everyone has those worrying thoughts. The ones that create fear deep in the beats of your heart. The ones that make your eyes dry- or watery, depending on your nature. They’re the thoughts that take you away from the light, away from the positive person you want to be.

Recently, my daydream appointed fear as the conductor on my train of thought. I saw my beautiful future twist into an ugly shade of gray. In the dream, I couldn’t find my voice, I’d somehow lost it, or something, and I couldn’t talk nor sing. I soon realized the reality of the dream, I couldn’t be creative anymore. Singing, playing piano, drawing, and painting we’re unreachable. I was stuck in a gray office building, where my passion hid under covers, too scared of the dark to keep shining.

I think this daydream was brought on by stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and a lack of meditation. Then, on top of that, I got physically sick. It took me some time and a great friend to realize my state-of-mind was so anxious. I found my light and now I’m back to my bright and shining ways.

The beauty that lies within will always be inside waiting to be set free. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Love who you are, embracing the love from others.  Steer clear of passion suckers, and instead practice your personal passion in all the ways you know how. Then, go learn a new skill and put all your passion into that new thing! For me, my new skill is going to be learning how to play piano.


The reason I know how to be high is because I also know how to be low. It’s a Yin and a Yang, light and dark, good and bad, a roller coaster of the soul.

Life is beautiful, if you see it that way. Let out the bad and make room for the good. The rest is entirely up to you.

Make it great.



You Are a Universe

I’ve noticed recently, sometimes I’ll start a project or chore and have trouble following through with the thing. For instance, I’ll start a sketch and then flip to another page, then start a new one and never really go back to resolve that first one. I think it’s a minor form of ADD, now that I’m taking time to analyze it.

Well, this mind-set got me thinking. How can I ensure the goals I set for myself- be it a sketch or an 80 page script, are finished soon after I decide to begin? The thought came through with a rounded plan of action- thank goodness the rational side of my brain likes resolution, and the conclusion is practice will make perfect.

So, I have decided I am going to practice little-by-little to stay focused on only a few projects at a time. I can shift from one to another, but shouldn’t dare to start a new project until the first are complete. Most of the time this means doing my laundry, the dishes, or organizing my desk and bedroom. All of these will be pretty easy to complete once my mind is set. Finishing the scripts, paintings and little sketches will be hard for me, but I accept the challenge. It’s time to wake-up the worker bee in my brain!


Think about what hobbies or work you’ve let sit on the back burner. Maybe it’s that miniature railroad configuration or maybe it’s a goal to hit the gym three times a week. Whatever your ticking clock is, I encourage you to seize that spiraling little thought bubble and bring it to reality for a bit of progress. 

Have faith in yourself to power through your hopes and dreams. Give your hands something tangible, your heart something to love, and your mind a creative challenge. 


“There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

-Aldous Huxley (Author of A Brave New World)





Ying and Yang



It’s an interesting visual to search Google image for a stereotype, classification, category, label, etc. It’s like a psychology experiment with an instantly gratifying conclusion. 

Anyways, I recently tested the phrases “Junk Food” versus “Healthy Food” to see what the engine would show me. I eat organic and processed food freaks me out, but I didn’t think about how bizarre the contrast would look on screen. 


Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.12.32 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.12.14 PM


As you can see, the images speak for themselves. At the end of it all, the choices we make will determine who we are and who we will become. Decide for yourself what kind of life you want to live- one full of junk or one full of good health.


Make it great.




Heavenly Buddy

The greatest dog, my buddy, my stallion, my double stuffed, just passed away yesterday. Oreo was his name. He was a mutt with the most present and aware eyes I had ever seen in a dog before. He was a sincere treasure and my best friend since I was a raggedy haired, crooked teeth, happy little gremlin. 

I haven’t been back home yet, but I know it’s going to be hard without him there. Especially, when I sit cross legged on the ground and he’s not around to crawl over into my lap and snuggle up with his chin on my knee. I think I’ll miss that the most. He was the backbone of my family, the leader of the other two puppies and my Mom’s constant shadow. His death will be hardest on her.

We’ve known he was sick for a few years now, but his smelly breath smile and his wagging pom-pom tail fooled me till the end. He was a happy dog, so I know he died with beauty in his dreams.

I’ll miss my buddy with a memory that aches in my heart, but I know his spirit will live on in my family and friends who cherished and loved him. 


Remember to give your attention to the animals in your life, the unconditional love there is priceless. 


Rest in Peace My Love,



Ellen and SIA and Maddie

Okay, so, I’d seen the music video for SIA’s song Chandelier on YouTube back when it first surfaced, but I just saw a video of her live performance on The Ellen Show and now I’m obsessed. The live performance better captures Maddie’s unbelievable skills as a young dancer, not to mention SIA’s vocals crack and soar powerfully live. I love this!

Check it out…





The Bees Knees

I live in Southern California and I keep noticing little bees crawling along the beach. Are they dying? What’s happening to our precious pollinating gurus?!

Apparently, bees are in danger from unhealthy crop growing (pesticides, chemicals, GMOs)- It is quite disheartening. But alas, don’t you fret my blogger friends, for there are things we all can do to help save our buzzing bees and to ensure the prettiest of blossoms bloom for many years to come!

Here are a few ways we humans can do our part…

  1. Grow a Garden. Gain your green thumb while getting in touch with nature!
    Find a nice plot of land in your yard and plant herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers- or all of the above! We all know bees and flowers go together like peanuts and butter. Before long, you’ll have a small flock of little bees zooming around the buds, spreading the love all through your shrubs.
  2. Eat Organic. Balance your diet with wholesome nutrients to help save the bees!
    Eating organic foods will, not only make your insides feel like laughing, but you will also be supporting a cleaner ecosystem. Little bees are extremely sensitive to pesticides and are dying from the dangerous crop growing techniques non-organic farms currently use. If you make a conscious effort to buy only organic foods, you will help increase the demand for healthy alternatives and shorten the demand for the harmful foods suppliers sell in stores today.
  3. Spread the Word. Make like our fuzzy buzzing friends and spread the loving words!
    Bee populations are declining and it’s up to us to use social media to let others know how important bees are to the environment. You can also research ways to get involved politically by either petitioning for government legislation to stop financing GMOs or by going straight to the source and speaking out against companies that practice non-organic farming.

In a perfect world, the human race would join up in a Bob Marley “One Love” kind of attitude to replenish the environment, heal our health as a community, and spread the love far and wide. Welp, a blogger can dream!

At the end of the day, who doesn’t love flawless flowers and delicious honey? Stinger schminger, we need to watch out for the bees because those guys are truly the bees knees.

photo (1)






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