Among the Stars

More often than not, I hear people belittle themselves. “I can’t”, “I’m so dumb”, “I’m an idiot”, “I could never”, are everyday phrases people throw around.

Sure, some may think the phrases harmless, but I beg to differ. As soon as thoughts become words a trigger in the brain connects to reality. You only live once- why sell yourself short?

Personally, I think everyone has the potential to shine beautifully in their own life. Love is a powerful word, but it has to resonate within before it fully radiates through you.  If you ever feel like you cannot accomplish a task, something inside you should switch on and say “well, that sounds like a challenge”. Avoid playing the safe card, value your gifts and never shut yourself down.

Whether you want to sing for someone other than your shower head, or you want to try eating a vegetarian diet, or you want to take up soccer, or apply to a university- it doesn’t matter. In the end, you can do anything you set your mind to. Sometimes the things that seem so hard to conquer are day-dreams that play out like re-runs in your thoughts. A reoccurring episode with the only conclusion you can be sure of- failure. It’s easy to decide the ending for yourself, it’s harder to live in fear of what could be.

Live every day like it’s your last and shoot for the moon. You’re bound to land among the stars.






This short film gives viewers an awesome perspective of earth from a cosmic understanding. It reveals the importance of unity and care for our fragile planet Earth. A must watch!

Clear Skies

Hello World Wide Web!!

This post is a shout-out to my generational peers who will guide our fragile earth into the destined future.

Now, if you have yet to encounter a conversation regarding climate change, ocean extinction, rainforest deforestation, food supply, population growth, etcetera, etcetera, then you, my dear friend, have got your head stuck in a hole.  So, it’s time we all, every single one of us ‘digital kids’, get our heads out of this digital hole and pay our attention to the most important thing in the world. Our one and only environment…

I realize this blog is, indeed, a digital hole, yet I also have come to realize digital endeavors are inevitable, thus imperative to be fully present in today’s world. Our generation, ‘digital kids’, have grown-up alongside the www. We will never know the lives our parents and their parents lived whose time was never defined by numbers on a screen.  With the screens came leisure and ease; from social media platforms to mind-numbing entertainment, our lives have really resulted in a mix of illusion and reality.  It’s not our fault, but it is our responsibility to separate the two. So the first step, be aware of the world around you and not just the things on the screens.

Take it upon yourself, every day, to make the world a better place:

Each individual is a peg in a timeless clock. Let us be the digitally aware generation to make the first universal leap toward a healthy planet.





What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong

Imagine The Beatles

National Geographic Photography

National Geographic Photography



Evolution vs Creation

I am an adult now, and still, Bill Nye can educate me about scientific understandings that exist in the universe today.

This video is a debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham, of the Creation Museum in Kentucky. The question: “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern, scientific era?” offers explanation for the existence of intelligent life and, likewise, challenges the notion of a divine deity.

I encourage the entire human race to get deeply reflexive. Watch this with an open conscious, recognizing how amazing it is to even be able to think about something so extraordinary as the nature of the existence of life.


Big Bang - 500




“Consciousness is the universe’s way of being aware of itself.” -Bill Nye


Another star.

Lose Yourself

So I’ve been thinking….

We toss around classical phrases on a daily basis. Usually, when a common phrase is thrown in my face I mentally pause to wonder where the saying originated.  Well, after it’s stuck in my head, I’m quiet for a good chunk of time because I’d caught a train of thought headed toward a reasonable theory regarding the origin of said phrase. I mean, who ever claimed beating the dead horse was such an awful thing to do anyways? I suppose beating anything deceased is a bit counterproductive, so there you go, the phrase has sense.

Just recently I heard the phrase to catch not only my imagination, but also my attention.  The saying is lose yourself; a common phrase used to express a kind of passion for a performance, or action, or simply some kind of everyday trance.

My mind immediately found meditation. It was as if the train to this thought had finally arrived at the station where I’d been waiting my entire life. The place I know of well and have found on my own, without the help of a conductor who lead the way. This enlightened way-of-life can never be erased. After finding meditation,I have realized the world around me will always be on the outside and will simply be something I must compromise with. If I am happy I can chose to let the world meet me on my own time in my own state-of-mind. A peaceful state-of-mind where exterior realities are segregated from the conscious reality made of perception. Meditation is the key to lose yourself from the world and the key in unlocking the real you.

Meditation doesn’t only occur in a monk-like trance of complete silence. Though this is most effective, there are still the everyday ways to lose yourself

  • Making Art - If you don’t draw and think you have zero artistic talent, no problem! Grab a pencil and paper and just start drawing meditation rings, or a flower, or the sun. You can draw anything as long as you simply copy and paste the thing mindlessly from your head to the paper.
  • Journaling – Journaling is a great way to get the circling thoughts down the drain and out into reality. It’s just like taking out the trash. Like the disgusting smell of two-week old Thai food in a trash bag, a three-years in the past traumatic event may be stinking up the corners of your subconscious. Clear out your cranium to make room for all the positive vibes, or else the stank will drive you mad.
  • Doing the Dishes – For me, and a few other people I’ve talked to, doing dishes is therapeutic. It is a way to be mindless and productive all at the same time. Your conscious doesn’t feel like it’s lost because it has a clear focus- water, soap, scrub, rinse, repeat
  • Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies [OCT] (folding clothes, peeling price tags, wiping counters, dusting)- Putting the pieces of your life back together like the pieces of a scattered puzzle is a typical stimulant for the brain. It keeps your mind focused on a simple task, a task with a clear direction, to allow your subconscious time to ponder and sort through your current state-of-mind.
  • Getting Dressed-Up – For girls, doing your hair and doing your make-up can be an exciting part of the night. Have we ever wondered why? Well, it relates to the first note on the list. Making Art. You are creating the image of beauty with pencils and sparkles upon your inherited natural charm. No wonder we women are always talented artists, we practice our skills every time we go out.
  • Exercise - Going out for a run does more for the mind, body and soul than a pick-me-up coffee from Starbucks. A runner’s high is like a feeling of euphoria. It’s that adrenaline rush related to the rush that causes super-human strength. Just like when we hear on the news how someone has lifted a heavy object in an act of mind-over-matter. The mind has the chance to stretch it’s survival-mode characteristics. It has the chance to run for it’s life in a society obsessed with leisure and laze. Lifting weights, core strength and stretching are all ways to lose the mind to instinct rather than insecurity.
  • Tedious Tasks – We all know busy work can be tedious. For me, writing my thoughts on a blog is somewhat a tedious task, but I do it because I think it’s important to spread the words. Other tedious tasks can include untangling strings and things, painting the walls or simply painting your nails, plucking hair out of the brush, plucking eyebrows, plucking lint of clothes, etc. All of these are mindless actions, which usually result in a minor meditative state.
  • The Shower – The holy ground of unspoken words and of intense physical pleasure personal thinking. The best for alone time. There’s the saying “you do your best thinking in the shower”, well there’s no doubt about it .

Hopefully, this post will give you a new perspective on meditation. Meditating is not something to be afraid of, in fact, it’s likely you meditate on your own almost everyday. Meditation simply helps you connect with the most naturally human pieces of your existence. A topic of understanding that has somehow been lost in the education systems of today.

Meditation is a very important concept for everyone to understand because it is the absolute direction toward personal discovery. An enlightenment incomparable to any physical discovery on Earth. A discovery of mind, body and soul.

Take these baby steps to quiet the part of you who is confined to normality. Lose yourself so the true you will shine through.







Something to keep in mind: Constant Facebook activity is a sprint in the opposite direction. A concern for thousands of other lives on a computer screen leaves little to no room for personal discovery. Think about it…


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