Circling A Round

Do tears taste like saltwater? Does the sun setting on an ocean horizon look like an eye closing its lid in a dark goodnight?

Are human beings a reflection of the Galaxy we live in? Are our souls a balance of the light and the dark that exist in the universe we come from? If God is good and good is God then couldn’t we follow good and call it God? The goodness we see in the birds and the bees. The goodness we feel from a cool ocean breeze.


Every night the earth twists to face the dark world beyond. Our lids close and our dreams become reality.

Do stars speckled across the black sky mirror the freckles in our eyes?


All I know is my world seems to just keep circling around.



It can be simple

It can be tough

It can be strange

But It’s always enough.


It can be empty

It can be full

It can be real

But It’s so beautiful


If you want It, you can have It.

Chase after It, aim high and grab It.

Make It what you want It to be,

Because after all It means everything.

Leo’s Leadin’ the Charge

It’s about time a well-known face steps up to the leaders of our world. Our planet needs our help! Recycling at home is truly a great start, but the key to drastic environmental changes rests firmly in the hands of our governmental leaders. Corporations must realize the true dangers of mass-production and take the steps necessary to maintain the good health of our planet Earth.

Watch Leo serve it up to the man!



Finding Beauty Within

Everyone has those worrying thoughts. The ones that create fear deep in the beats of your heart. The ones that make your eyes dry- or watery, depending on your nature. They’re the thoughts that take you away from the light, away from the positive person you want to be.

Recently, my daydream appointed fear as the conductor on my train of thought. I saw my beautiful future twist into an ugly shade of gray. In the dream, I couldn’t find my voice, I’d somehow lost it, or something, and I couldn’t talk nor sing. I soon realized the reality of the dream, I couldn’t be creative anymore. Singing, playing piano, drawing, and painting we’re unreachable. I was stuck in a gray office building, where my passion hid under covers, too scared of the dark to keep shining.

I think this daydream was brought on by stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and a lack of meditation. Then, on top of that, I got physically sick. It took me some time and a great friend to realize my state-of-mind was so anxious. I found my light and now I’m back to my bright and shining ways.

The beauty that lies within will always be inside waiting to be set free. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Love who you are, embracing the love from others.  Steer clear of passion suckers, and instead practice your personal passion in all the ways you know how. Then, go learn a new skill and put all your passion into that new thing! For me, my new skill is going to be learning how to play piano.


The reason I know how to be high is because I also know how to be low. It’s a Yin and a Yang, light and dark, good and bad, a roller coaster of the soul.

Life is beautiful, if you see it that way. Let out the bad and make room for the good. The rest is entirely up to you.

Make it great.




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