Be the Bow of Rain

I want to get out of this lame tasting scene.

Where people are plain like white cream cheese.

A place where right is wrong and guilty is innocent

Where everything’s the same and nothing is different.


A place where one thing could mean the next.

When you say No there’s no one there to say Yes.

Where everybody is straight, cuz’ no one ever bent.

Where everything’s the same and nothing is different.


This place seems cold until you get heated.

Inside and outside- Here, both get depleted.

Where your inbox collects the same amount you sent.

Where everything’s the same and nothing is different.


One time my marker drifted outside the lines.

I thought it looked nice, so I continued to climb.

I went up past the grey and found a colorful bow of rain.

Where everything’s different and nothing is the same.


Spread your wings and fly. Find your passions, make art, spread love. With light radiating out of you, your colors will shine.

Not a Soul could hold you back, even if they tried.



Purple Leaves

I want to swing from sturdy trees-
To be friends with the birds,
To know all the bees.

I could run away and join the trees.
Be grounded in the Earth-
A strong sense of belief.

Until, I start drifting up past the trees-
Where stars speak words,
Shining in a black sea.

I’m in a world with big purple trees.
An earth near the Big Dipper.
I brought back seeds.

I think I’ll plant a forest of alien trees.
Tall, thick, and mighty strong,
With pretty purple leaves.


One With All That Be

I want to stare at the sky in the middle of nowhere.
Watch clouds pass by as they fade through the air.
Let the ground hold me down, happy as a tree-
One with nature, with Earth, with all there is that be.

For now I am lost and found in a peace-of-mind.
I drift through space, far from a track kept of time.
A white lotus grows high from this planted seed.
One with nature, with Earth, with all there is that be.

Like the clouds in the blue, I too have morphed.
Deep oceans make me think there must be more.
My eyes are open and now I see there are three.
One with nature, with Earth, with all there is that be.





The key to opening the Soul is by opening the mind.

Symmetry, two way door, ying and yang, inside and out, external reality versus internal discovery.


Open up your perception, release judgment and decide for yourself what is good, because once you let it all deep inside you, you will feel truth and will define yourself based on a deep emotional sensation gathered from an understanding of the visual reality.

Strength is defined by ones ability to keep moving forward. Keep letting it in and keep letting it go.




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